What is SEO?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization is a fancy term used to get more traffic to websites from natural and free searches that are made at major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing, whom act as the librarians of the internet. The systems of these search engines collect information about every page on the internet in order to help people find exactly what they are searching for. Every search engine makes use of an algorithm to change all that information into useful results.


If you are an owner of a website, these search results will matter to you. More people will find you if you have higher rankings. The key to achieve this is to make sure your website has the elements that search engines need for their algorithms and this is what is referred to as SEO.

How Does it Help?

It helps optimize your website for the natural/organic searches that are made on search engines and this is crucial for its success. SEO helps to structure your website and its content in a way that it becomes pertinent to not only your visitors but also the search engines that are used to find information on the net. It will help by making your website more visible on the result pages of search engines by improving its relevancy. This will help you increase your sales and grow your business.

Gone are the days when people used the Yellow pages- today is the era of the internet. So it is important understand how search engines work.

Some Statistics

The fact of the matter is that if your website is not on the first page of results of search engines, it is as good as invisible. 70 % of all the traffic in Google’s search engines goes to the page that is positioned #1. (Google & Bing Study: 2011 Study by SlingShot SEO)


More than 90 % of all online experiences begin with search engines and Google is the major share holder of the search engine market. According to a research the greatest percentage of ‘organic’ clicks received by the websites are the ones that are placed on the first page of the search results.

Benefits of SEO?

It is cheaper than other marketing tools like PPC or Adwords
The best thing about SEO is that with just a little amount of effort and some upfront payment of its costs, your website will receive consistent traffic without continually paying for it. Being ranked at the top you do not have to pay per click or allot funds for its advertisement. It will bless your website with more visitors for better business.
The traffic on your website will definitely increase
SEO may not yield immediate results but you will notice the traffic on your website steadily rising overtime after it. Reporting tools and Analytics can clearly point out this increase in the traffic. SEO will make your website a hotspot for visitors as your sales soar and your business goes to new heights.
Increase your reputation and credibility
Google is the most trusted search engine, as evident from its share of the search engine market. People believe in its results and trust its search listings. SEO can use its reputation to increase the reputation of your website and increase its credibility. As back as you are ranked in the Google pages, the more unreliable you are perceived. People become skeptical about such websites and discard them. But, with SEO you can change that. It is the impetus you need to make your website popular. Being listed in the top rankings of Google, you will surpass any benefits that ads can provide.
ROI (Return on Investment) of SEO will be better than Normal Ads
The benefits of SEO are matchless and cannot be paralleled by other marketing tools. The truth is that SEO yields a better return on investment because of its higher conversion rate. For example, if you use a paid ad to buy thousand visitors on your website, you are likely to convert only 2 % of them into sales but with SEO, 1000 clicks mean a 4% conversion into sales. This is because people who make Google searches are actually searching for the products/services offered at your website-a more ‘valuable’ click. Whereas, clicks from Ads can be from anyone, that could include mis-clicks and people who got intrigued by the ad but not necessarily needed to buy the products.
Your Competitors are utilizing SEO
SEO has become a prominent field and is being utilized by all serious companies to grow their businesses. This is because they have realized the substantial benefits it has to offer. With its advantage, your competitors are trying to beat you by appearing before you on Google search results. All those hits you could be or should be getting are being diverted to their websites. So, SEO could be the investment you need to make to start regaining ground in the competition.
Expand your business with SEO
SEO has the potential to take your business to the next levels. It can bring thousands of visitors every day to your website, for which you may need to expand. In order to accommodate such large traffic you will need a bigger web server as your sales increase. These customers may also bring along recommendations and suggestions that can help you improve and grow your business. This is a tool worth the investment.
SEO will make you stand out
The web is said to contain over 250 million websites. Now that is a figure that is sure to stunt your efforts at standing out. More so, if your product/service is competitive. But do not despair; SEO can provide you the boost you need for your brand, making it prominent amongst others.
Secure the Top position
Research has shown that 70 % of all the clicks go to the first ranked website in results. Securing this position will help you gain thousands upon thousands of hits. And SEO is the tool that can make it happen. The top positions mean potentially millions in sales. This is a lot of return from such small investment.
Permanent Results
This is probably the best thing about SEO. The affects of your SEO investment will be permanent unlike those of Ads that stop working if you stop paying for them. Lasting results with just a one- time investment. What better way?
You get Access to Customer Data
By looking at the data of keywords and insight into what people are searching for most these days, you can enhance the monthly sales of your website. You can do this by finding the keyword with the high search volume that has lower competitiveness. The customer data is valuable and hard to get a hold of. But with SEO you have the means to not only acquire it but to also manipulate it your benefit.

Can SEO be Done on Our Own?

The Answer is Yes! With free SEO reports you can begin to improve your website rankings yourself if you have the time we can always help direct you to the right resources. Feel free to use our SEO tools to generate a free report on your website. These reports usually contain 10-20 pages and have many useful tips that can be put into action to do your own SEO.
We also know life gets busy and with our competitive rates you can always choose AcuSync to meet all your SEO needs. E-mail us today to get a free assessment of how you can improve your rankings and how a customized SEO plan can work for you depending on what industry you are in and factoring in things like if you have a store front or if your target audience is a B2B or B2C. Contact AcuSync Technologies, a leader in Search Engine Optimization not only helping companies in Edmonton or Alberta but across North America and the World.
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